Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Math is rendered now by Mathoid in MathML or SVG. PNG support for math is disabled
  • New OCG 0.9. Books have now a beautiful header and footer
  • Added logos of our supporters on the main page
  • A few of CSS fixes

CSS, Theme[edit | edit source]

Feature Priority Status
Planned WIP Completed
Restore the previous configuration of the user notification layout Hotfix X
Substitute unclear text (KDE project) in the sidebar with PNG provided High X
Replace HTML/CSS code in pages with templates and add a production dump for templates High X
Fix the horizontal overflow of math formulas High X
Change the title of "register" page with appropriate label Normal X
Fix the sidebar's left margin on mobile screens Normal X
Set the notifications to close when reclicked Normal X
Use monospace font in<source> tag and use better color Normal X
Add Homepage for pool.wikitolearn.org Normal X
Fix the "Logged From" popup position Normal X
Adjust the design of the main page Normal X
Add sponsor logo on index page Low X
Add svg hamburger icon Low X
New Editor Normal X

Mediawiki[edit | edit source]

Status Features Priority
  • Make user and page discussion use the flow extension
  • Normal

LatexToMediaWiki[edit | edit source]

Feature Priority Status
Planned WIP Completed
Auto add tex from \input and \subfiles Normal X
Catch tikzpicture inside Figure environment Normal X
Add \usepackage{l2mw_texpkg} automatically Normal X
Create test TeX documents Normal X

Offline Content Generator[edit | edit source]

Feature Priority Status
Planned WIP Completed
Change default PDF font Normal X
Add footer with W2L maxim Normal X
Contact upstream developers for tables and pull request Normal X
Add book cover with logo and title Normal X
Check support for SyntaxHighlight extension Normal X