Changelog[edit | edit source]

Infrastructure[edit | edit source]

The new repo WikiToLearn Home has been use for the production environment!

The first lines of that repo has been written during the Sprint 2016 @CERN, then it was expanded and tested heavily, especially during the last two weeks. Yesterday it has been used for the production environment, so we are pretty confident about its maturity and we definitely recommend it for local instances. A detailed guide to WTLH will be released during the following days.

OCG[edit | edit source]

  • New and awesome cover for the generated books, as well as a second page that gives some brief info about WikiToLearn and how the book was created
  • Simple but working implementation of tables exporting!
  • New beautiful footer on each page of the PDF which displays a small logo.
  • Improved the web interface of Collection, providing features such as a progress bar and the automatic download when the rendering is complete.
  • Various improvements to the code

Layout and templates[edit | edit source]

Feature Priority Status
Planned WIP Completed
Fix math font bug in firefox High X
Add FAQ to footer High X
Add a way to go to wikitolearn.org from a main page on mobile screens High X
Replace HTML/CSS code in pages with templates and add a production dump for templates Low X
Add sponsor logo on index page Low X
Fix rounded corners and border Normal X
Solve the center issue with images Normal X
Fix the sidebar's left margin on mobile screens Normal X
Fix the sidebar's left margin on mobile screens Normal X
Fix strange bars appearing on the right side of math equations Normal X
New Editor Normal X
Change the title of "register" page with appropriate label Normal X
Set the notifications to close when reclicked Normal X
Add Homepage for pool.wikitolearn.org Normal X
Fix the "Logged From" popup position Normal X
Add svg hamburger icon Low X