WikiToLearn improved editor[edit | edit source]

here are gathered some useful informations about the wikitolearn improved editor's task.

How do I start?[edit | edit source]

The first thing I suggest to do is going on join.wikitolearn.org and subscribe both the wikitolearn-tech mailing list or to GSoC Telegram's channel. The first is with a lower traffic, but joining the telegram group you probably get a faster response.

Ok, I joined the groups. I want to get confident on how WikiToLearn works[edit | edit source]

You can start by trying to playing around with the local WikiToLearn environment or you can go through the website, trying to see what is the current user experience when editing.

In the first case the main thing is to try get a local environment working. Try to follow these steps: Run WikiToLearn locally

In the second one you can think about what features are needed and get an idea on how to implement it.

What is the task really about?[edit | edit source]

Following a mail I've written a few weeks ago I saw this: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/wikitolearn/2016-February/000247.html Now the things are getting more updated. My suggestion is to look at the newest mediawiki editor, called Visual Editor (See here) and think about how it can be further extended. There are certainly some fundamental features that WikiToLearn's users would like to see.

How to know which feature I need to implement[edit | edit source]

There are at least a couple of ways. You can take inspiration from the open source editors out there and think about the key features that distinguish that editors from the WikiToLearn's one. WikiToLearn will be soon adopting the Visual Editor as default editor, so you should focus on features that aren't already available.

Another method is to ask WikiToLearn's what they would like to see. Someone has already tried using a Google Form (for example), to gather some useful information.