What is WikiToLearn?

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What is WikiToLearn?[edit | edit source]

WikiToLearn is a portal that aims to create free collaborative and readily accessible textbooks. Our philosophy can be summarised as "Knowledge only grows if shared". On this platform, teaching and studying merges into the cooperative writing and revision of notes and textbooks, which can then be organized and reassembled, according to each user's needs.

Why is it an innovation?[edit | edit source]

WikiToLearn does not bring new knowledge. WikiToLearn offers a new approach to knowledge: it rediscovers and proposes again the attitude, now almost forgotten by mankind: the collaboration and communication among thinkers. This philosophy is the one that led our civilization to take the huge steps that have brought us here today, with our endless heritage of knowledge. Without the collaboration and the communication among thinkers, without the free availability of knowledge, no big discovery would have been possible. This is what we are trying to restore. We are moved by the love for free knowledge, owned by no one and accessible to everyone. In collaboration (without any kind of remuneration), we want to make this vision possible. Open source in this context gains a profound and significant meaning, merging naturally with our philosophy. Here are the basics:

  • Any content can be modified. This leads to a continuous development of the existing material, to this philosophy of collaboration and communication among thinkers.
  • Everything on WikiToLearn is freely accessible and downloadable. In this way, knowledge is made available to everyone.

Why should I contribute?[edit | edit source]

It is the basis of this project that users contribute to the writing and the improvement of content. This is the only way the project can be successful and be able to continue to grow. Your contribution, as small as it may be, is and will always be fundamental. Finding already existent, well organised and freely accessible material can be really useful. If you share our vision, our desire, feel free to help. Your effort will not be vain, that's for sure.

I’m a university student, I don't have time for this...

Your contribution is, of course, not solely dedicated to making WikiToLearn bigger: writing and summarizing are excellent tools that will help you to prepare for exams as well as improve your explanation skills. Moreover, in the case where you make a mistake, someone will correct you. WikiToLearn is an excellent workout for the students, but it is also a really useful tool for the professors, who, among other things, will be able to assess the effectiveness of their own lessons.

I'm a professor!

WikiToLearn can be very useful even for professors! Checking your students' notes can help you to be always up to date within respect to their understanding of your lessons, giving you a good feedback of their effectiveness. Doing so you can personalize your explanations in order to optimize the eductive path of your course. Studens can improve their knowledge writing notes in an organized way and, thanks to your corrections, they can have the possibility to create valid material.