What is WikiToLearn?[edit | edit source]

WikiToLearn was founded in September 2015, when a group of students from the University of Milano Bicocca had the necessity to share their notes to study for their exams.

Legally represented by KDE e.V., and part of KDE, WikiToLearn was born as a non-profit community and an open source project, which wants to provide free and collaborative textbooks with the help of the world of University and Academia.

Who are the WikiToLearn-ers?[edit | edit source]

The WikiToLearn community is made of students, researchers, professors and anyone who intends to support free knowledge worldwide. Students can start writing their notes in a collaborative way, integrating and reviewing them to achieve the best possible quality. Academics receive feedback by the possibility to check the correctness and the completeness of the notes taken by their students during lectures.