A Tutor (or a Buddy) is a moderately experienced wiki user, who is familiar with how the community works and the basic conventions of WikiToLearn editing.

You need to be Tutor for at least three months before being able to apply for adminship. A Tutor is also an Editor.

Duties of a Tutor[edit | edit source]

A Tutor has several duties.

Welcoming new users
Tutors are the first point of contact to the user. They should be sending welcome messages to newly-registered users and offer to help with basic tasks. They are the main point of reference when a user has a problem, and they should be able to point the user to whoever is in charge of a certain area when they cannot solve the problem for themselves.
Checking logs for spam
A tutor is familiar with basic tools. He/she is expected to monitor the feed of recent changes, and notify admins in case of problems.
Bug reporting
Every tutor should know about Phabricator and other tools used by the working groups and should report every bug found on WikiToLearn.

Badges[edit | edit source]

Tutor-badge.svg You can have this badge in your user page by using the {{TutorRole}} template.