Google Summer of Code 2016

Projects[edit | edit source]

Task for the Community Bonding period[edit | edit source]

  • Setup your Blog, Phabricator, GitHub, WikiToLearn account
  • Setup your Project page (section above, example here)
  • Review your proposal with your mentor
  • Make a list of dates (weeks or 2+ days) you might not be available on (because of school exams, holidays, anything) and send it to your mentor.
  • Inform upstream about your work during this GSoC
    • They will be happy to hear you are working on improving their work
    • Reaching out ASAP is good practice, so you already have contact if you need their help
  • Install a local WikiToLearn instance (more info here)
    • Play with VisualEditor
      • You have to enable it by switching in the correct branch of the repo
      • Try both using it and understanding how it works under the hood (since you will work with it in the summer)
    • Try to update MediaWiki on WikiToLearn to the latest version.

Extra Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Use the communication channels often
    • Use the tech channel for every problem with WTL’s instance
    • Use the WTL editor GSoC group when working on the tasks
    • Use the Mailing List to announce big changes, discuss and gather feedback
  • The mentors (and the whole WTL community) are here to help
    • We are your friends
    • Don't be scared to ask us feedback, ideas, help or guidelines on how to proceed!
  • If you need a few days to relax, to study, to find inspiration, to go on holiday, we are very much OK with that! But just tell us a few days before :)