Infrastructure and bots

Welcome! This is the homepage of the Infrastructure and bots team.

Maintainer: Luca Toma <>
Bots Maintainer: Cristian Baldi (@crisbal on Telegram) <>

Members[edit | edit source]


  • Luca Toma <>
  • Cristian Baldi (@crisbal on Telegram) <>
  • Dario Mapelli (@DarioMapelli on Telegram) <>
  • Davide Maggiorelli


  • Cristian Baldi (@crisbal on Telegram) <>
  • Davide Valsecchi
  • Russell Greene <>

What do we do[edit | edit source]

Our main task is to maintain the infrastructure of WikiToLearn: servers, dockers, scripts, backups, development instances and deployment to production.

A few of us also manage bots, scripts in various programming languages to automatize tasks and improve user experience.

As of March 2016 We are currently working on a newer, improved and easier to use development and production infrastructure.