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To join the WikiToLearn community, you simply have to follow a few easy steps!

1 - Create a wiki account[edit | edit source]

This is very easy, you simply click here, and you will be able to create your account. Don't forget the e-mail address!

2 - Create a chat account[edit | edit source]

To keep in touch with the community, we use a real time chat system which you can find here. You will be redirected to a channel called #general. It is used to speak in general about WikiToLearn. To get help for editing, you can join channels such as #help-en or #help-it, for help in your preferred language. There also channels that group users coming from the same place. Check out on our map to see if there are other contributors near you, and join their channels. If you want to start such a group, just open a new channel (called #h-<city>) and invite to join all users who could be interested. See our guide to the chat on our manual, for further information!

Note that username and password for the chat are unfortunately not the same as for your wiki account! We are working to fix this as soon as we can!

3 - Choose a topic you know about and start editing[edit | edit source]

Create a course and start editing! You can either choose to revise existing text, contribute new chapters to existing manuals, or you can create your own thing from scratch.

For the latter, you simply need to go on the department most suited for your material and clicking on the "Create a course" link in the blue box!

4 - Subscribe to the news channel[edit | edit source]

We communicate and updates in several ways. You can check out our blogs, or, for more infrequent but meaningful updates, we suggest subscribing to our Telegram news channel. We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, as well as a YouTube channel.

5 - Spread the word![edit | edit source]

WikiToLearn is only possible thanks to a community of enthusiastic users around the world that take on the responsibility of sharing knowledge. But sharing knowledge also means you should share the knowledge that we exist! ;-) A growing community is a great community, and we should all help to make this happen!

6 - Want to do more?[edit | edit source]

You can be a developer, a translator, an evangelist, and many other things we still haven't thought of! Just get in touch by writing on #general and somebody will likely be there to guide you. :-)

P.S. Did you know we regularly participate in Google Summer of Code and Google Code In?

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