List of Maintainers

This page is a draft. Feel free to add other areas, in the meantime.

Technical area[edit | edit source]

Luca Toma
Release Manager
Davide Valsecchi
Technical Maintainer
Sysadmin team Luca Toma
WikiToLearnHome Dario Mapelli
Bots Cristian Baldi
Neverland (CSS skin) Gianluca Rigoletti, Ingo?
User Experience Riccardo Iaconelli
Offline Content Generation Alessandro Tundo
Importing Davide Valsecchi
Mediawiki (general) Russell Greene (?)
Mediawiki Extensions Maintainer
EasyLink Alessandro Tundo
Rating Algorithm Davide Valsecchi, Alessandro Tundo

Promo and Design area[edit | edit source]

Promotional activities Maintainer
Institutional contacts Marco Paganoni
Public relationships Vincenzo E. Padulano
Community building Riccardo Iaconelli
Design and advertisement (?) Davide Maggiorelli
Graphics design Riccardo Iaconelli
Social networks Matteo Bonanomi

Standalone subprojects[edit | edit source]

Subprojects Maintainer
Akhet Luca Toma
Desktop Client
TeXLa Davide Valsecchi

Editing and content[edit | edit source]

Editing WGs Maintainer
Templates Sofia Liguori
Importing Davide Valsecchi
Language sites Maintainers
Italian Sofia Liguori
Daniele Pannozzo
Riccardo Gilardi