17-06-16 Meeting for 0.8 release and summer plans

Participants[edit | edit source]

Alessandro Tundo, Matteo Bonanomi, Davide Valsecchi, Riccardo Iaconelli, Luca Toma, Sofia Liguori., Riccardo Gilardi, Jona Motta, Gianluca RIgoletti, Vincenzo Padulano, Marco Paganoni, Irene Cortinovis.

  • Chair of the meeting: Alessandro Tundo
  • Reporter: Davide Valsecchi

Topics[edit | edit source]

Main topics[edit | edit source]

  • Status of institutional contacts and targets for September (Mr. Paganoni)

Secondary topics[edit | edit source]

  • GSoC projects (very low priority, not strictly related to "Summer Plans")
  • Oilproject contact (low priority, not strictly related to "Summer Plans")
  • Reorganization of meta website

Schedule[edit | edit source]

  • 13:45 beginning of the meeting. First of all we analyze all the topics proposed.
  • 13:55 Decide which track we want to follow during the meeting: single group or more groups? Single group track has been decided.
  • 14:00 reports from the maintainers' table
  • 14:07 Beginning of the sprint:
  • 14:08 - 14:35 Template and VE
  • 14:35 - 14:50 Topic page,
  • 14:50 - 14:55 break
  • 14:55 - 15:15 Report about institutional contacts by Mr. Paganoni
  • 15:15 - 16:35 User journey
  • 16:35 - 16:45 Badges for reviews

Report from the maintainers[edit | edit source]

  • OCG: We have non-urgent tasks to do. It's stable for now.
  • CSS: lots of small fixes. We are not ready for big changes. Focusing on user-journey
  • Infrastructure: new MediaWiki relaase is blocking for now. Checking extensions. VE is blocking for next release.
  • TeXLa/Importing: almost ok with TeXLa. We have also an online version. Focus on importing documents during summer.
  • Promo (social/PR/contacts): (social) ideas for consistent and planned social impact (eg: updates on new contents/reviewed contents). Contact from Unimib (Milano Finanza) for a week of promotion of WTL.
  • Participation: Google grant support (thanks to KDE e.V.), no-profit association (eg. use these funds to give public announcements on new contents). Fixed phabricator organization --> possibility to show news to all developers.

Topics analysis[edit | edit source]

Templates and VE[edit | edit source]

Present situation:[edit | edit source]

The math inside a template is not rendered in the ve, so you have to write the math in wikitext (really bad for us). All elements inside templates are not rendered.

Proposals:[edit | edit source]


Questa <math>a</math>


  • nothing


  • The wikitext is not rendered in ve.


Questa <math>a</math>


  • Easy to be implemented in VisualEditor; easy to be used by editors (eg. graphical options to use the template: a button to start it)


  • Difficult to determine where the template (in this case the definition) does end.
  • What do you write under the template is notext.


{{InizioDefinizione}} <-- <div>
Questa <math>a</math>
{{FineDefinizione}} <-- </div>


  • Easy to be used in VisualEditor; easy to be used by editors (eg. graphical options to use the template: a button to start it)


  • all users have to remember to close the tag.

Decision:[edit | edit source]
  • Definition/Environment template: we prefer the 3.a option. maybe with bots to check standards.
  • Fallback plan: automatically add EndEnvironment
  • Fallback plan * 2: 3.b Cons: no automatic formatting, but should work.
Tasks:[edit | edit source]

They are schedules for 0.8 milestone:

  • Decide an implementation between the proposals.
  • Change the Environment/Theorem/Definition templates
  • Create a bot to change existing content
  • Check the possibility to create a webhook for alerts

Topic page (was: Disambiguation)[edit | edit source]

Present situation:[edit | edit source]

Sofia reports about the situation.

Proposals:[edit | edit source]

1: Approved approach

  {{Corso|Corso1|Descrizione 1|...}}
  {{Corso|Corso2|Descrizione 2|...}}


  • more elegant code


  • no ve




Decision:[edit | edit source]

We have to create the guide for the creation of the new course ---> ask for it ---> user journey The 1. mode is okay, BUT we need documentation. No Ve for now and in the future maybe a dedicated editor (extension/Special page).

Tasks:[edit | edit source]

User journey page[edit | edit source]

Present situation:[edit | edit source]

Brainstorming about the flow:

(User:Grigoletti/New_User_Journey, phabricator task)

It is the ideal flow for the newbie user. The user is encouraged to write on that page with the welcome message.

  • the user create a user on the wiki
  • An automatic message with a welcome template is put in the user page.
  • the user has the possibility to add section in his user page
  • the user has the possibility to create pages in his user page.
  • In his/her user page newbie writes sections, not courses:
    • admins/tutors move the section, when it's complete in the proper course page.
  • When the user create a section on his namespace, there's a button "Publish":
    • The page is added to a special category
    • A tutor or admin check it and publish the section in the course.
Fundamental ideas:[edit | edit source]
  • The section is the fundamental unity of content.
  • The section page is transcluded inside the course index.

After the brainstorming we finalized the ideas in these flows for different type of users.

Newbie user flow:[edit | edit source]
  • The user creates section UNDER his namespace NOT AS transcluded pages but only as subpages
  • When he's ready the admins/tutors have to publish the section of the user:
    • The admin checks the title of the sections to avoid possible name clashes.
  • A tool creates the right sections, transcludes them in the course index.
  • Finally the section is removed from the user namespace because we think that he has to modify them under the official namespace.
Flow for normal user:[edit | edit source]
  • On the public part of the website we add also buttons to add sections and chapter
  • We have a lot of warning and links to redirect newbie users to previous flow--> user page, guides
  • we disable the edit button on the course pages for common users.
Tasks:[edit | edit source]

Badges for revisions[edit | edit source]

We put them in the topic page. Only for teachers.