Courses organization with Topic page (en)

Courses Organization with Topic page[edit | edit source]

IDEA 1: Divide et impera[edit | edit source]

Divide courses (such as Calculus) in arguments according to a division criterion ang group the arguments in the Department page.

Proposed division criterion: a. if the topic can have multiple version b. is sufficiently long

Idea Problem:

  • The course integrity/completeness is lost

Solution 1[edit | edit source]

Group the topics in the department page in order to create the orginal course. For example the calculus arguments are grouped ina box that resides only in the depparment page, in which a is added the link to the pdf with the whole course with the correct versions of the topics. Each course has only one book in the department page.


  • respect the idea of having small courses and topics with multiple versions
  • the users finds the complete book in the deparment page


  • There may be different versions of a topis siutable for a book. how shall we chose the topics to be integrated inside the complete book?

Solution 2[edit | edit source]

Same as Solution 1 concerning the course division, but the books are not linked in the department page, but in every topic page there is the list ok related book pdf links, even to complete books..


  • We solve the first contra of solution 1


  • Lost immediate visibility of the books

Solution 3[edit | edit source]

Same as solution 1, but in the department page inside a course box all the links to the books pdfs are listed. Many books for each course are created and are all ofthem are listed.


  • different versions of the same topic are listed
  • we expect to always have the collaborative version and sometimes have professor courses, which would gain visibility having their course book pdf listed in the department page


  • we may have link proliferation (which could be solved wrapping the link list)
  • creatng many books may be time consuming

Conclusions (Dario Davide Sofia)[edit | edit source]

We currently have few complete books and the solution 3 is perfect. We can think about a graphic solution (such as a link list wrapping) to keep tidy the department page. We may also go for a combination of Solution 2 and 3, , since it would be handy having a list of correlated books when browsing a topic page (the more we link material, the more they gain visibility) Moreover, it is not a problem linking and/or organising the books in different ways in th department page because the content structure is not changed. The topic grouping inside a book is a light and safe operation

Open Problems[edit | edit source]

Decide divison criteria in order not to have topic proliferation, and course topic dispersion

IDEA 2: united we stand, divided we fall[edit | edit source]

Keep the courses united, do not attept to divide them. Topic page would be “Classical Mechanics”, “Calculus”


  • the course integrity is untouched, there is no need to group topics in the department page

contro: * it would be nea