Sprint FAQs

Where, exactly?[edit | edit source]

The Sprint will be held at CERN, in Meyrin, near Geneva, Switzerland. We will be hosted at Ideasquare.

Sprint Location
CERN entrance B
Main building of the Hotel

When, exactly?[edit | edit source]

The Sprint will be held from the 7th of March (Monday) to the 13th of March (Sunday). Try to get there before the 7th so you can get everything ready!

How do I get there?[edit | edit source]

CERN has written a nifty guide on how to get there.

Download it here (PDF)

What do I have to bring?[edit | edit source]

Since we will stay there for a week, for the basics be sure to bring a few changes clean clothes, bathroom stuff (shampoo, shower gel, toothbrushes) and some snacks and water for the trip.

It is also strongly suggested (but not required) to bring a laptop PC (or if you really can even a desktop is good) and power cords (unless you can stay one whole week with a battery) because the CERN won't provide us with much.

It is also very likely that we have to bring electric power socket adapter, because Switzerland has its own.

Should I change my money to CHF?[edit | edit source]

Since CERN is in Switzerland we will use CHF to pay for the stuff. Cards are accepted at the Hotel, but not at the Cafeteria. There are ATMs inside CERN, but we also suggest you to change some of your money beforehand, to avoid any kind of problem.

Where will I stay?[edit | edit source]

All of us will stay at the CERN Hotel/Hostel. Rooms are already defined (you should have received an email with the info a few days ago).

The room does not include any kind of food-related stuff, no breakfast and no meals.

Where can I get food?[edit | edit source]

The CERN does have a few restaurants (3 according to their website) with not-so-high prices.

Here is an example menu. There are 3 Menus to choose from (one is for vegetarians) and prices vary from 8.40CHF to 10.10CHF.

According to the internet there are drinking water stations that for free refill your bottles.

Is there free Internet available at CERN?[edit | edit source]

Yes. Connect through eduroam. If you don't have access to the eduroam (academical) network, here is how you can register:


When do I have to pay for the hotel?[edit | edit source]

You will have to pay once you get there (probably at the end of your stay).

What about reimbursements?[edit | edit source]

If you have been granted sponsorship, KDE will give back to you 75% of the total accommodation expenses and 75% of travel expenses. Be sure to fill your request here (You should have received an email with further info a few days ago), and confirm the amount once it's accepted. Keep all the receipts as they will need to be submitted in order for your reimbursement request to be processed.

How much is a CHF?[edit | edit source]

1 Swiss Franc equals 0.91 Euro

1 Swiss Franc equals 1.02 US Dollar