Day 2

On Wednesday and Thursday 06/08-09/2016 we had a participation sprint in Milan, with Daniele (@Mte90, Mozilla Rep) who came from Rome to join and help us.

The second day was the most interesting because as you can see in the report of the first day we analysed many aspects of the project, so the next day we analysed the workflow aspects and where start.

We started with Cases study about the type of people/volunteer interested in the project: Developer, Writer (Student, Teacher, Researcher and Developer), Promoter and Curious. For any of them we discuss why they can be interested to join WIkiToLearn. Whis was helpful for help the recruiting using this information and evaluate activities and docs about that aspects. An example:

Writer (student)

  • Likes that notes taken can be useful to other students
  • Better study workflow/method
    • More organized notes
    • Easier to figure out non clear points
    • Easier to set explanations
  • To download one's book
  • Integration with other existing material
  • Better layout of own notes
  • Social aspect of studying (local working group)
    • collaborative writing
    • More fun
    • Better quality
  • Social global aspect
    • network with other people with similar interests
  • Self visibility
    • with fellow students/professors
    • with the rest of the world
  • Improvement of your text (you upload wrong notes in the hope that somebody will correct them)

Finally we started with few activities to analyse to found a workflow. An example:

New Volunteer Writer: Share their notes as chapter

  • Create the page on their profile with a specific template
  • Move/edit/Delete privileges
    • At least on the self-created pages in the User namespace
    • Possibly only under their User:Username page
  • Visual editor on the page
  • Copy and paste
  • Work on that chapter

With this analyse the team decided to create a new way for new contributors to write their notes and also courses using their profile. That enable the new volunteer to be free to experiment and share the work for a review or get an help only when his the perfect time.

At the end of the day we evaluate new way to improve the promotion like a WikiToStudy Room, Contest and social promotion.

Now is time to get in action of all the stuff that we studied together!