TeX Importing

Welcome! This is the homepage of the Tex Importer team. We are developing the TeXLa lib to convert LaTeX sources to MediaWiki pages. You can find here all the documention to contribute to this project.

Maintainer: Davide Valsecchi (@valsdav) <valsdav@wikitolearn.org>

Team members:

  • Davide Valsecchi (@valsdav) <valsdav@wikitolearn.org>
  • Dario Mapelli (@DarioMapelli) <mapelli.dario@wikitolearn.org>
  • Matteo Bonanomi (@m_bona) <matteo@wikitolearn.org>
  • Sofia Liguori (@Xadhoom) <sofia.liguori@wikitolearn.org>
  • Daniele Pannozzo (@Atakanz) <daniele.pannozzo@wikitolearn.org>

Working Group organization[edit | edit source]

We track all the importing activities on phabricator.

The WG use also a general Telegram group and one Telegram group for coding related to TeXla: texla devs group]

You can contact us also via email: latex@wikitolearn.org

Content Review[edit | edit source]

When you find an error inside a page please report the bug using the template ImportBug writing the kind of problem you encountered, so that we can keep track of bugs using the page What links here