WikiToLearn Improved Editor

Description of the project[edit | edit source]

The main purpose of this project is to make WikiToLearn Editor to have abundance of features, easy to use and fast. The two main tasks include is the inclusion of Visual Editor extension ( ensuring its full working and keeping it up-to-date) , as well as , inclusion of LaTex tool which will help is writing formulas , auto-completion and highlighting.

Expected results: Adding more features to WikiToLearn editor (mainly Visual Editor and LaTex)

Mentors: Gianluca Rigoletti, Irene Cortinovis (@rigolo and @pipsin on telegram)

Weekly Log[edit | edit source]

  • Week 1
    • Setted up blog , developer account on KDE , and local instance of WikiToLearn. Playing with Visual Editor and checking its features.
  • Week 2
    • Learning to create a mediawiki extension for the autocompletion feature on the math formulas.

Also reading up the wikis of the visual editor and gadgets

  • Week 3
    • Found out about the already available ace editor widget in the math input dialog. Making it activate on the local instance .
  • Week 4
    • Added a custom autocompletion module. Worked on activating the snippets.
  • Week 5
    • Activated the snippets for the math formulas . Tried for the code blocks , didnt work. Filed the bug in the phabricator

Days when unavailable[edit | edit source]

  • 16th May to 20 May
    • End semester Examinations!

Blog posts[edit | edit source]

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Extension git repository[edit | edit source]

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Other Tasks Updated by me[edit | edit source]