An Admin is a person who has reached the maximum privilege level for the community.

Admins have enough privileges to enforce WikiToLearn policies, and perform potentially destructive maintainance tasks (such as moving or deleting pages).

To become admin, you need to have been a tutor for at least 3 months, and need to be trusted by the community. To become an administrator, you can nominate yourself, and the active community will debate (but not vote) on whether you should become an administrator. The final decision will be taken by a bureaucrat, or, in its absence, by the WikiToLearn maintainer.

An Admin is also a Tutor and an Editor.

Duties of an admin[edit | edit source]

Be subscribed to mailing lists
An admin always need to keep up to date with changes and proactively engage in discussions, at least within the editors community. Admins are required to join at least the following mailing lists: generic, editors (international) and whichever is related to the language in which they are administrators.
Be responsible
The whole WikiToLearn community relies on you for the more delicate tasks. Be responsible, and think twice before taking actions that could have unintended side-effects. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility.
Be impartial
Adminship is only meant to enforce already existing policies. You should try to avoid personal judgement in all possible ways. If in doubt, please ask and refer to the rest of the community.

Adminship is granted for life, unless revoked due to serious reasons. Adminship privileges will be removed temporarily for inactivity (3 months), and reactivated upon request.

Badges[edit | edit source]

Admin-badge.svg You can have this badge in your user page by using the {{AdminRole}} template.