Editing conventions

this page is obsolete! Please ask somebody if you are lost until some documentation is produced

Editing Conventions[edit | edit source]

In the creation of a course, precise conventions have to be followed. The aim of this page is to list these conventions so that all the courses can be create with the same structure, in a consistent way.

Course creation[edit | edit source]

First of all decide a topic for your course and create the proper page for that topic. Once the topic page has been created, you have to create its sections, and into each section proper chapters. Thus the course has to have two levels: sections and related chapters.

Once the topic page has been created, its sections have to be created inside the course itself in the following way:

  • Each section name has to be created using the section template.
  • In the section template you have to define chapters: remember that chapters are the fundamental unit of the course you are writing, so create only one level chapters.


This is a correct structure for section-chapters:

{{Section |sectionTitle=Name_of_the_section |sectionText= *[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter1|Chapter1]] *[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter2|Chapter2]] *[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter3|Chapter3]] }}

While this is an incorrect structure for section-chapters, since is based on more than two levels:

{{Section |sectionTitle=Name_of_the_section |sectionText= *[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter1|Chapter1]] **[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter1/Subchapter1|Subchapter1]] **[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter1/Subchapter2|Subchapter2]] *[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter2|Chapter2]] }}

  • You're now only one step forward the creation of the basic structure for your course. Open the topic page (namely, go to: en/it/language.wikitolearn.org/Topic_name/Section_name) and insert in it the list of chapters for that section. More precisely, once you open the above page just paste in it the chapters list, that is:

*[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter1|Chapter1]] *[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter2|Chapter2]] *[[Name_of_the_topic/Name_of_the_section/Chapter3|Chapter3]]

  • Now you have created the basic structure for your course! You can start creating your own course on WikiToLearn! Open each chapter page and start writing in it your notes!

Course writing[edit | edit source]

You are almost free when writing your own course. Just keep in mind that there are some non-supported commands by MediaWiki. Apart from this you can organize your notes in the way you prefer. For any doubt we would be happy to help you: here you can find a list of maintainers for the different areas. Feel free to contact us!